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Amazon treasure truck | All about Treasure truck deals and offers

What is Amazon Treasure Truck? Quality food products, games, deals & much more

Be it a child of 10 years old or an old man of 70, all of us love gifts and surprises, don’t we? Also, for the most of us, our favorite game has to be treasure hunt. And for people who surprisingly don’t like either of these above-mentioned activities, there is shopping for them. Thanks to Amazon treasure truck, we now get an amalgamation of all of these plus additional benefits and deals.

  • Amazon treasure truck is basically a service for the people, where amazon hand-picks their favourite item, product, a trending product liked by the masses or a local delicious food item which is eventually loaded on a truck (hence, amazon treasure ‘truck’), and then sailed around a particular area for the consumers.
  • Amazon treasure truck is a service which is especially formed for the users of Amazon.
  • Users can enjoy a range of different products that they can get at amazing rates.
  • Amazon treasure truck is currently available only in the United stated of America and the United Kingdom. It started from the city of Seattle in the USA in the year 2015.
  • Amazon treasure truck was started in the United Kingdom on the year 2017 where it was started in two major cities.
  • The element of surprise is that every time a truck is in a city, the range of products change and the deals and the offers levied on them also change and there is only a specific time till the products last as the demand for the products are huge.

How to use Amazon treasure truck

Availing the benefits of Amazon treasure truck is very easy and convenient, all you have to do is

  • Download the Amazon app on your mobile phone.
  • Sign in for the free text alerts
  • After this, every item is hand- picked by amazon and then a text is sent to you on your mobile phone in the form of amazon treasure truck today wherein you are informed about all the items and the deals.
  • You can buy the items that you like through the Amazon app and then pick those items up from the Amazon treasure truck.

Downloading the amazon app

It is imperative that you download the Amazon shopping app on your devices in order to continue with the Amazon treasure truck deals.

Phone version App name Supporting devices Where to download from
iOS version Amazon- shopping made easy Apple iPhone

Apple iPad

Download here
Android version Amazon Shopping Android phones

(Samsung, HTC etc.)

Android tablets

(HP, Lenovo etc.)

Download here

Places Amazon treasure truck visits

Currently, there are only a couple of places in the UK where Amazon treasure truck can be enjoyed. However, more cities are lined up to enjoy it and if you don’t want to miss on the updates, you can subscribe to the text messages, here

Some of the places are :

Place For more information
Birmingham Know more
Coventry Know more
Manchester Know more
Leeds Know more
York Know more
Maidenhead Know more
Reading Know more
Southampton Know more
Windsor Know more
Portsmouth Know more
Leicester Know more
London Know more

Sign up here to know more details of the products and the amazon treasure truck near you.

What to expect from Amazon Treasure truck

Some of the amazing and surprising services and goods included in the truck are:

Kitchen upgrades Party essentials
Games and fun Giveaways
Steaks and all kinds of food Celebrity surprises
Goodies and gifts Latest and trending technology
  • Something unexpected can always be expected.
  • One day you just might find amazing giveaways and somedays surprising celebrity meet-ups
  • Fun games and competition with amazing gifts to be won by everyone.

Click here to know more.

Ways to be updated about Amazon treasure truck

Now there are certain ways in which you can keep yourself updated about the deals and offers of the amazon treasure truck. A few of them are:

What to do Where to do it from
Sign up for the notifications Click here to sign up
Check out updated from Facebook Click here for Facebook
Check out updates from Instagram Click here for Instagram
Check out updated from Twitter Click here for Twitter
  • Follow the amazon treasure truck on all the different social platforms so that you don’t miss the amazing deals and offers under the amazon treasure truck today category and otherwise.

How to buy from Amazon treasure truck today

  • Download the latest version of Amazon shopping app on your mobile.
  • Under the category of ‘programs and features’, click ‘treasure truck’
  • Click on the item you want to buy and tap the option of ‘I want this’
  • Choose your pick- up location
  • Go and collect your treasure.

As simple as that!

How to get  goods from Amazon Treasure Truck

  • After buying your products and putting in your address of pickup, find the truck
  • Show your QR code
  • Get your products in a jiffy.

Deals Amazon treasure truck had in the past

Amazon treasure truck has been successfully carrying out the Amazon treasure truck deals and offers where there is something for everyone. Some of the amazing deals they have had in the past include:

Product Offer Get deals
Marinated meat box from field and flower Up to 40% off Amazon treasure truck
British marinated meat box from field and flower Up to 40% off for £17.99 Amazon treasure truck
Treasure kit from Fitbit Get 42% off Amazon treasure truck
Portable Sony SRS-XB21 speaker 30% off for £52.49 Amazon treasure truck
Beats by Dre 36% off Amazon treasure truck
Paxton and Whitfield British artisan cheese box Get 36% off for £14.99 Amazon treasure truck
  • Amazing deals like never before
  • So much to grab at such a less price that you just can’t ignore
  • Get amazing deals and offers and get your products at amazing deals with amazon treasure truck.

Meat boxes from field and flower

  • Different cuts of meat from grass fed to free range
  • Sustainably sourced
Marinated meat box from field and flower Up to 40% off Amazon treasure truck
British marinated meat box from field and flower Up to 40% off for £17.99 Amazon treasure truck
  • From duck to lamb to chicken, get a huge range of options
  • Freshly used produce with proper packaging

Click here to know more.

Fitbit products

  • Very accurate
  • Made out of superior quality
Treasure kit from Fitbit Get 42% off Amazon treasure truck
  • Keeps your health and related choices in control
  • Compatible with other devices

Click here to know more

Portable Sony SRS-XB21 speaker

  • Water and dust proof
  • Upto 12 hours of battery life
Portable Sony SRS-XB21 speaker 30% off for £52.49 Amazon treasure truck
  • Connects easily to Bluetooth
  • Get it in a choice of colors from red, black, white and blue

Click here to know more

Beats by Dre

  • Up to 40 hours of battery life
  • Connects easily to Bluetooth without any hassle
Beats by Dre 36% off Amazon treasure truck
  • Takes up calls and controls your music intake
  • Sleek design which is durable and foldable hence easy to carry

Click here to know more.

Paxton and Whitfield British artisan cheese box

  • An amazing product for all the cheese lovers out there
  • A huge selection of different kinds and varieties of cheese
Paxton and Whitfield British artisan cheese box Get 36% off for £14.99 Amazon treasure truck
  • Packaged in a very user- friendly manner
  • Makes for a great gift or token of appreciation

Know more

Some more information related to the amazon treasure truck

  • You always have the option of changing your area through the Amazon shopping app.
  • You can always find new offers and new deals at different areas around your country. There is something new in store for everyone with Amazon Promo Code.
  • Amazon treasure trucks are out often and every time it plans on getting to your location, you will get updated through text messages or on the social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Since the motive of the amazon treasure truck is to please everyone and as many people it can, only a certain number of products can be bought by one person in one day
  • You can take the products of your friend or your family members in place of them by just showing the QR code to the person from Amazon.
  • In case you have bought something, which comes under the category of age restriction, you are supposed to show an identification card for the same.
  • You can always cancel the product in case you plan on not buying it anymore through your amazon app.

All thanks to the amazon treasure truck, you can now surprise yourself and your loved ones on a daily basis. Expect something new and fresh every time. One day you can get a free giveaway item and on any other day, you can meet your favourite celebrity. Thanks to amazon, your wish is now their command.

Now, surprise yourself every time you find an amazon treasure truck!

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