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Amazon UK prime bought the rights of EPL (English Premier League) broadcasting

Amazon UK prime bought the rights of EPL (English Premier League) broadcasting

A transformation in the usual soccer series can be felt with a sensational news of Amazon prime exclusively winning the rights to premier English Premier League. Amazon, the online shopping giant which is famous all over the world for its best kinds of products related to immense range of categories like clothing, accessories, day to day needs, electronic appliances, and much more, has not only enhanced its importance by launching the famous Amazon Kindle. But later, competing with all the other names, it launched its first site to show movies and television shows along with news and sports. But with the world developing rapidly, Amazon has to match the speed and expectations of the ever-growing population.

Hence, Amazon came up with the wonderful idea of telecasting the English Premier League exclusively on Amazon Prime. Amazon’s victory is now evident from the fact that when all the other digital companies were busy buying only the digital streaming rights to sporting events, Amazon’s deal includes exclusive rights for the matches it telecasts.

This change taken by the members will not only help Amazon members to view their favorite matches streaming live on their phones, televisions and laptops on Amazon Prime but with this Amazon will also be able to increase the number of members it once had along with being the first site to establish itself by buying the great league of football players as EPL (English Premier League). Amazon’s keen ability to telecast sports programmes could also be a way to get more people to sign up for Prime subscription as it would help them in establishing a name in the local market and worldwide.

Amazon’s deal highlights the seismic shifts happening in sports and television entertainment, as deep-pocketed digital outlets compete with traditional broadcasters like NBC, Disney and, in Europe, Sky. The fierce battle between Silicon Valley companies and historically dominant studios and broadcasters has extended from developing new scripted shows to broadcasting live sports. And thus, with this, the deal that Amazon took over means to include the exclusive rights of the matches it would be showing. The matches that Amazon broadcasts will only be available to its Prime members, that are currently having the citizenship of and are at present residing in Britain, are relatively minor. It will showcase 20, scheduled at times when there tends to be lower viewership than normal.

In contrast, Amazon is not the first country to have excelled in the field of sports. A year before, the giant social networking site Facebook made a high bid and moreover, took a lot of effort to stream cricket matches from the Indian Premier League and is at present also streaming Major League Baseball games. Apart from this, Twitter has also proved itself by streaming baseball and professional hockey games as well. Other sites launched by the enormous search engine, Google, such as, YouTube and Hulu, a streaming service, have recently been promoting their live TV offerings by emphasizing the sports available on their networks, including the National Basketball Association finals that is currently underway.

But Amazon, by including the exclusive rights of the matches it would be premiering, can experience a slight increase in the number of its Prime members. Amazon’s keen ability to show sports could be a way to get more people to sign up for Prime subscriptions, which according to a recent survey had cost $119 in the United States and about $106 in Britain. Amazon’s chief executive, Jeff Bezos in his annual letter to shareholders this year, disclosed that 100 million people around the world had Prime subscriptions and that number is apparently to experience a slight increase by Amazon’s decision to show the football matches of the English Premier League on it. In his letter, Mr. Jeff Bezos also mentioned, “Prime Video continues to drive Prime member adoption and retention,”.

Amazon will show two full rounds of matches per season that would comprise a total of 20 games, that would be shown on Amazon Prime for three years starting in 2019, the Premier League said in a statement Thursday. The games will be available on Amazon Prime Video in the U.K. at no extra cost to users, Amazon said. While only a handful of games, Amazon’s acquisition is a further sign of its push into live sports broadcasting as a way of luring subscribers to its Prime membership service that includes video streaming and fast online grocery shopping.

All of this change was experienced on 7th of June 2018, when Amazon became the first internet streaming service to buy live, domestic-only rights and clubs agreed they would no longer equally share all cash from overseas channels. With all of this, Amazon becomes the first internet streaming service that would not only buy the local but also the overseas deal of telecasting the matches. Amazon’s Prime Video service will air two rounds of live matches each season in Britain — not internationally — in a three-year deal from 2019, representing 20 games each season during a midweek program in early December and another around Christmas. The remaining rights to show another two rounds of midweek games were purchased by BT Sport for 90 million pounds ($121 million), giving it 52 live matches from 2019 to 2022. Sky, whose biggest shareholder is Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox, has 128 games each season in the same cycle. If Amazon paid a similar amount as BT for 20 games, the league would generate 4.6 billion pounds from the sale of 200 live games in Britain, compared with 5.14 billion pounds for 168 matches from 2016-19.

After the past two domestic deals both produced 70 percent jumps in the value of rights, the league is now experiencing a downturn and looking to generate more revenue overseas where all 380 games are available live each season. Apart from the profit that Amazon will acquire, it seems to be the good news for all the Amazon Prime members who will not have to spend a penny in order to watch their favorite players play football. The match would be aired Live and all the scores of the matches would constantly be aired on the Amazon Prime.

It seems to the public now that with this new and refreshing change or trend taking up in the market, there would be a drastic shift in the expectations of all giant economies and the Amazon prime members and lovers. It is apparently clear from the step that Amazon has taken forward that this new agreement will continue that trend, which would be more of a revolution with a subtle change that further incentivizes on-pitch achievement and maintains the Premier League’s position as the most equitable in Europe in terms of sharing central revenues. Hope and wish for Amazon to make as much profit as it can from this drastic step as it would help in increasing the number of members that Amazon Prime has.


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