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Amazon Prime Account Cancellation: Review Policy Violation

Amazon Prime Cancellation: Review Policy Violation

Few days back many of Amazon customers took to social media to complain that Amazon had closed down their Prime accounts without informing them. This Amazon prime cancellation upsets a lot of customers as they loose their access to services such as Kindle e-books, Prime Video, Amazon Echo, and Fire TVs, as well as previously purchased e-books and streaming videos, pre-loaded gift cards, and orders in the mail.

Amazon Prime members complained that there prime accounts are mysteriously locked and no explanation given by Amazon. All the customers are shocked and angry that how can such a repute company can do this. This can bring a big loss for Amazon company.

The affected customers posted on several social media sites about this which prevents them from using any Amazon services including using devices like Amazon’s Kindle and Fire TV. One customer that wrote on Twitter that says she had phone call with Amazon customer care service and she got a answer that she violated the review policy, no other clarification was given for the Amazon prime cancellation. A lot of other customers says that they should inform us about this before deactivating their accounts.

Some members have accepted  that they  violate the Amazon’s review policies. Review policies include reviewing items for exchange of gifts. They falsely appraise the product so that they got some rewards. They admitted that they practice illegal practices in reviewing. Few customers stated that they are not involved in any such activity. No cross checking is done by the company for the Amazon prime cancellation which is somehow not fair with customers who have done nothing. People are complaining that if Amazon found something then they could gave us a legal notice but instantly taking action like that is not good.

Amazon spokespersons stated that Amazon has taken action against person who give fake reviews to get reward it with some other intentions and those who have violated our company and community rules and regulations of Amazon.  Company give declaration that any customers who think or believe they are not at guilty but still their accounts get deactivated they can  contact Amazon directly so that they can cross check their account and solve the issue. This incident of fake or paid reviews creates a feeling in the mind of customers that Amazon is promoting such fake and paid reviews for selling their products. That’s why Amazon instantly take such a strict action to stop this practice and prove themselves right in market. This incident can bring down the image of Amazon.

Amazon said that It’s their top priority to don’t show anything which is fake or which is not right. More than 500 tweets are posted with the hashtag #amazonclosed after their accounts had been locked. There are some people who said that Amazon already gave them notice about their Amazon prime cancellation. It’s not clear all about the matter because Amazon don’t want to say much on this topic. But customers are furious enough, some of them take this to court and files case against Amazon. They said we are old customers of Amazon and they are also paying for the prime accounts but still their accounts get deactivated because of some people who give fake reviews.

Many of Amazon customers are complaining that the firm is not disclosing the truth to them. There are something hidden story which Amazon do not want to share due to their market reputation and value. They complained that Amazon is not coming out with detail information about this matter. Amazon is blaming on customers only but no one knows the true fact. Others customers revealed that Amazon has give them promise that they will call back or messages to explain to customers and if they are not on guilt they will them but no response is coming from Amazon. It also suspected that it could be a matter of a data breach where some hackers hacked their prime account and give or posted reviews for the sake of money and the account holder are not aware of it.

Moreover, customers could not access or able to use  previously purchased e-books, streaming videos, gift cards or information about items ordered through the mail. All their already purchased online item are also closed. lot of customers are upset with Amazon as they already pay for their products but still now they can’t able to use it. Some people are appreciating this step as Amazon are accepting that fake reviews are given on the item of their website and lot of customers purchased products after reading this reviews. Now company founds out that illegal practices like this are going on their sites and they want to stop it.

Amazon may loose lots of their trusted customers and will occurs a huge loss but still they are taking strict actions. Despite of the fact that it may also hinder the reputation and value of company, they still stand against it. Otherwise they had a option to ignoring it. Customers frustrations are increasing day by day but it comes out that No one can claim against Amazon because it has the ability to shut down their account at any time company wants. It is part of Amazon’s terms and conditions that the firm can terminate your Prime membership at our discretion without giving any notice to customers.

So Amazon is right on their side and took a right action. Community guidelines are present on the official website which mentions everything, So Amazon is doing nothing which is wrong or against the law. It provides various features for connecting other users and sharing real feedback about products and services – positive or negative. Their Community Guidelines help  them to use Community features, including Customer Reviews, Customer Questions & Answers, Amazon Follow, Profile pages, Outfit Compare, Style etc.

Any attempt to manipulate Community content or features using any malpractice strict will taken by Amazon. Its already mention there that If Amazon come to know that any Amazon account has been used to any form of malpractice, misconduct, remittances and payments may be withheld or permanently forfeited. Misconduct may also violate state and federal laws, including the Federal Trade Commission Act, and can lead to legal action and civil and criminal.
Now it is expected that Amazon should help and heard customers complaints against their Amazon prime cancellation. Most of the customers are innocent in this case and it’s unfair to them to close their prime accounts.

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