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Amazon Introduces Grocery Pickup through Prime Now!!

Amazon Grocery Pickup: Now just minutes away from you!!

The eminence behind the e-commerce brand Amazon can be signified through the set of latest innovations it has brought in the market. Yes, we are talking about the Amazon grocery pickup facility, introduced by Amazon through Prime now in the UK market.

What does Amazon Offer?

Amazon is basically a cloud computing, electronic commerce brand, based in Seattle. However, amazon has reached to an excessive number of markets today in different countries from UK, Germany, Spain, India and many more. It has been diversified into selling books, apparels, furniture, appliances and much more. All and everything can be easily located on Amazon. Other than the selling of items, it also provides many services such as, Amazon Prime and now Amazon grocery pickup.

Perks of being an Amazon Prime Member

If you plan to become an Amazon Prime member, there are an excess of benefits and services you can avail which are exclusive for you.

  • You can start with the 30- days free trial period.
  • After your free trial ends, you can avail the prime subscription at £7.99 per month.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Click here to subscribe today!

You can get additional programs such as Amazon video, Amazon music, Amazon music for absolutely free. On most of the products you buy online, no delivery charges are levied for you along with free delivery charges throughout Uk. You also get access to latest services introduced by Amazon such as Amazon go, Amazon grocery pickup and much more with discounts provided by Amazon Promo Code.

What is prime now and how does it work?

Prime now is a service which can be availed by the members of the Amazon Prime Subscription. It is a program wherein the customer can receive their required set of products which they buy on Amazon in just a matter of few hours at their desired place.

  • If you want to receive the product in just 1 hour, an extra fee of £6.2 is levied as delivery charges.
  • If you agree to receive the product within the stipulated time period of 2 hours, no extra fee is levied in terms of delivery charges.

Grocery pickup, a step ahead and how!

Amazon has announced this amazing service called grocery pickup at Whole Foods located near you. Prime members can order from an amazing range of products and groceries at the location of Whole Foods near them with the help of either the Amazon prime app or through the website. They can further choose the desired location of Whole Foods to pick up their products from on the same day itself.

Grocery pickup service is available exclusively for the prime members only. You need to subscribe to the Amazon prime membership in order to avail this facility. You can visit Amazon Promo Code in order to subscribe as soon as possible.

Grocery pickup through prime now

Perks and benefits of Grocery pickup

Customers can avail many benefits if they avail the service of grocery pickup. Other than easing their experience and making sure they have a hassle-free shopping spree, there are many more advantages up for grab:

  • Customers and members can order products ranging from fresh produce, baked goods, dairy products, seafood, flowers, meats, to other daily use products they require.
  • They are free from the drawback and downside of standing in long queues at grocery stores, wasting their time at check outs and failing to buy the products on their list.
  • Members can choose their pickup option at the time of check out before placing their order.
  • With the prime now app, alerts can be sent to the grocery store beforehand. They can alert them of their whereabouts and let them know a few minutes before reaching the store in order to save more time.
  • Mostly the products can be reached at the Whole Food stores at a stipulated time of within an hour however if the customer wished the receive a product before the allotted time, an extra fee is levied as delivery charges.
  • Special deals and offers along with promotional codes are always up for grabs by the prime members in order to buy their products at a much lesser price as what will be available in the general market.
  • You can receive the products on the same day in just a matter of few hours so at the time of emergency, grocery pickup is the way to go.

Few of the Latest Deals & Offers on Grocery Pickup

You can check some of the amazing deals and discounts which are ongoing at the moment and some of the deals which have happened in the past in order to give yourself a head start before you begin with grocery pick up service.

Category Offer
Juices 40% off Tropicana juice subscribe and save
Wines Save upto 25% subscribe and save
Barbeque veggie and salads Get upto 25% off subscribe and save
Household and beauty items Save upto £3 subscribe and save
Eggs and dairy products Upto 15% off subscribe and save
Food cupboard Spend £5 and save £1 subscribe and save
Stone fruits Buy 2 for £3 subscribe and save
Booths cooked meats Get upto 20% off subscribe and save
Cereals, porridge and muesli Save upto 30% subscribe and save
Fresh pasta Upto 25% off subscribe and save
Biona range sauces Subscribe and save upto £30 subscribe and save
  • Buy 5 and get £5 off.
  • Buy 10 and get £10 off.
  • 50% on selected products and items.
  • Get free samples before buying whole products.
  • Purchase seasonal products at huge discounts.
  • Avail £20 off on your first Amazon fresh orders of £60 or more.

Amazon Grocery Pickup : Made For You!

Amazon has always believed in keeping the best interest of its customers in mind. From providing the best service to giving an option between a huge range of products, the customers are always kept in the top priority. Subscribe to the Amazon prime subscription program and avail these amazing benefits and much more with Amazon Discount Code.

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