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Amazon GO to Enter the UK market by the end of 2018

Amazon GO: It’s time for UK to experience it 

One common thing all of us absolutely detest is the long checkout lines at our grocery stores. Well, Amazon, the popular e-commerce brand is here to put us out of our misery by introducing its revolutionary line less, cashier-less grocery store, AMAZON GO.

The first store opened to its employees only on 5th December, 2016 and finally to the general public on 22nd January, 2016. It is currently only present at one location, that is, Seattle, Washington.

However, the readers would be glad to know that cashier less Amazon Go would be soon launching in the UK market by the end of 2018.

How Does Amazon GO work?

A concoction of different computer software packages, such as sensor fusion, Artificial intelligence, computer vision and deep learning algorithms, along with thorough study of the technology has lead to the formation of this JUST WALK OUT TECHNOLOGY called Amazon Go.

Usually at supermarkets, along with spending hours at choosing the products, people tend to mostly waste their time at the checkout lines, facing unnecessary nuisance and tumult leading to hue and cry. Amazon Go is basically formed on the idea of providing the customers an easy, hassle free environment wherein the customer could easily walk in, pick their desired products up and leave quietly without having to be a part of any commotion.

What Happens Inside?

Now obviously one would be thinking about the payment procedures involved. You don’t literally just go, grab your favorite products and leave a happy person without having to shed a penny. (Well, we wouldn’t mind a system like that in the future, would we?) Coming to the point, your movement is actually tracked from the moment you keep your foot inside the store. How? Let’s see.

  1. Download the Amazon Go app.
  2. Open the Amazon Go app and use it to enter the store.
  3. Put away your phone and begin with the process of shopping.
  4. You can choose anything you like from the array of products available in the store.
  5. Anything which you pick up from a shelf is automatically added to the cart in your phone. Even if you get skeptical at times and decide to put the product back, don’t worry, your item gets removed from the cart right at the moment you keep it back.
  6. Once you are final with your products of choice, you simply have to leave the store without having to do any kind of interaction with anybody.
  7. When you leave the store, the just walk out technology adds up the products in your cart and then charges your amazon account followed by a receipt sent straight to your Amazon account.

YES, as a matter of fact, it is THAT simple.

Amazon GO: A revolutionary step and how 

Let us know about a few of the many perks Amazon Go has to offer its customers:

  • Time Saving : The whole idea behind Amazon Go is to effectively use your time. The technology itself works on the ideology of grab and go where you don’t have to stand in any lines and queues or invest your time in any unrequired human interaction. It is a fantasy land for all the introverts out there.
  • Quick Scanning :  Devoid yourself from hindrance or complications with the quick scanning of QR codes on your virtual carts through artificial intelligence and computer vision.
  • Multiple Entries : Enter the store with your friends and family, only with the help of one Amazon Go account. Only keep in mind that all the products picked up by your friends and family would all be accounted to that one Amazon Go account only.
  • Very Reasonable Pricing : Prices are not exorbitant which any person would naturally think, keeping the kind of technology in mind. On the contrary, you get a lot of the products for a cheaper value as compared to the market price.
  • Best Quality Assured : Fresh produce with the best quality range of products available for your consumption.
  • Variety : Products of different varieties and products which you wouldn’t normally get at a convenience store near you would be easily available at your Amazon Go stores.
  • Experience : Stress free environment with complete freedom in making your choices and selection.
  • Smart Technology :  Amazon Go involves very extensive yet smart use of technology where the prime motive of the brand is to make the customers feel secured and free when it comes to making their choices. Be it the reading of the barcode or tracking of the products, there is no scope of any sort of deception or ambiguity.
  • Membership :  Be it an Amazon prime membership or a student membership, when it comes to Amazon Go, you require none of it. The only requirements are: An Amazon account and the Amazon go app and you are good to go.

Some things to keep in mind : 

  • With the smart technology build-up, there is no room for any kind of shoplifting. You have hidden cameras everywhere and people are watching you through those cameras, all the time.
  • A wide range of products are up for grab at the stores. Some of them are:
  • Ready to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Snack options from the best of the best chefs and local bakeries, freshly produced and baked every day.
  • Grocery essentials ranging from milk to eggs to butter and other important dairy products
  • Freshly made chocolates
  • Exotic fruits and vegetables
  • Artisan cheeses
  • Amazon meal kits for a quick dinner preparation
  • Frozen items and many more
  • One of a kind experience. Even if completely hate the idea of grocery shopping, you should definitely give this technology a try and let it change you for good.
  • Facing a problem? Missing the humans? Don’t worry. You will still have the staff members walking across the store, ready to help you with all your queries and problems.
  • Check the rate list of items before you even enter the store on your app. How often do we you get to do that? Never.

Amazon GO : Doors to the future 

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Amazon is on the verge on opening more Amazon Go stores within the coming years with

different format planned for each of it. Amazon go has open the doors to the future. Along with an experience, faced never before, Amazon Go is here to make our lives much more convenient and instantaneous. There is something entirely different in having to be a part of a shopping experience where you simply walk in, fill up your bag and walk out without having to stand in long queues. You often tend to pick the shortest line and then eventually take the longest to actually come out of the store. All of this and much more ends with the beginning of the Amazon Go store.

UK, gear up and get ready for Amazon Go.


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