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Amazon Alexa Deals

Amazon Alexa Deals : Alexa Compatible Devices, Offers, Promo Code, and more

One of the latest formulation by Amazon is the Amazon Alexa. Amazon Alexa Deals help you get Alexa compatible devices at economical prices.

Amazon Alexa is the mode of all your activities. From setting an alarm to playing music, it does it all. Here are some amazing Amazon Alexa deals, just a click away from you. Use Amazon Promo Code this Amazon Sale 2018 season for added benefits.

Products with in-built Amazon Alexa : 

With Amazon Echo Deals, you can get these devices at affordable prices, get access to hundreds of lucrative deals and offers. Here are some of the products present under the Amazon Alexa deals:

Product Price Amazon Alexa Deals
Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation) – Smart Speaker with Alexa £49.99 Get Deal!
Amazon Echo (2nd generation) – Smart speaker with Alexa £89.99 Get Deal!
Amazon Echo Spot £119.99 Get Deal!
Amazon Echo Show £199.99 Get Deal!

The above-mentioned products can be easily bought from the Amazon website of UK, that is www.amazon.co.uk

  • A range of colors and a variety of fabrics can be chosen for each of the product.
  • Due to Amazon Alexa, the products have the advantage of acting as a single hub for all your demands and requirements.
  • Add 3 Echo Dot Devices to Your Cart and Automatically Receive £20 Off Your Order.
  • Add 2 Amazon Echo devices to your cart and automatically receive £25 off your order.
  • Add 2 Echo Spot devices to your cart and automatically receive £40 off your order.
  • Add 2 Echo Show devices to your cart and automatically receive £100 off your order.
  • With the provisions of Amazon Alexa deals, you not only save your time but also your money.

– Specifications of Amazon Alexa : 

Amazon Alexa is adept to perform the following functions :

  • Set alarms.
  • Play music
  • Make to-do lists
  • Set reminders
  • Check weather
  • Provide news
  • Voice interaction
  • Play audiobooks
  • Ordering food becomes easy as Amazon Alexa is supported by many food outlets and chains.
  • High technology microphones attached which can catch and comprehend your voice from across the room with ease and expedite.
  • Comes in 3 colors and a light ring on top.
  • The wake-up word for the device is “Alexa” after the recognition of which, the ring light becomes blue in color.
  • Amazon Alexa deals lets you enjoy all this with the most economical offers presented to you, easy to use and pocket-friendly at the same time.

Amazon Alexa Compatible Devices

Amazon Alexa deals enable you to get  the following Alexa compatible devices at affordable rates. Given below is a brief account of all the devices that support Amazon Alexa :


Product Price Amazon Alexa Deals
Amazon Echo Dot £49.99 Grab Promo Code!
  • It connects to Amazon Alexa, convening activities such as setting alarms, voice interactions, creating memos, streaming music, streaming podcast, ordering food, getting the news, etc.
  • It can easily play audiobooks and the voice modulation is scattered to a larger area with a lot of clarity.

– Specifications : 

  • 7 microphones present.
  • Noise cancellation.
  • Bluetooth supported
  • Could be placed anywhere and can be accessed from every nook and cranny of the house
  • Very compact looking.
  • AMAZON ALEXA SALE: Buy 3 and Save £20.
  • Choice of color between black and white.
  • Hands free model, easy to travel with
  • Gets connected to speakers, bluetooth or stereo cables, to play your favorite music at any time.
  • Speakers come with Dolby processors, being omnidirectional and covering the whole space of the room.
  • Quick and easy option of ordering food.
  • Easy access to call Ubers, hands-free, without any hassles.


Product Price Amazon Alexa Deals
Amazon Echo £89.99 Get Discount Code!
  • Connected to Amazon Alexa to play music, make calls, ask questions, set reminders, check news, make to-do lists and much more.
  • Can play music from different streaming sites.
  • Can also play audiobooks and stream podcasts.
  • Make calls and send messages to your contacts, hands-free.

– Specifications : 

  • Hands free
  • Speaker with Dolby processing
  • 7 microphones
  • Voice cancellation facility.
  • Omnidirectional audio, crisp vocals, deep bass and loud in characteristics.
  • Can hear you even when the music in on.
  • Comes in a choice of 5 colors.
  • AMAZON ALEXA SALE: Buy 2 and save £25
  • Can control your smart lights, switches etc.
  • Amazon Alexa deals are supported with a number of food chains and services, making hands-free ordering from home, now a reality.
  • Booking cars through Uber now becomes easy as the best of deals can be found under the Amazon Alexa deals.


Product Price Amazon Alexa Deals
Amazon Echo Spot £119.99 Get Discount Code!
  • Check music lyrics (only applicable in UK), check weather forecast, make shopping lists, watch video flash briefings and many more and all you have to do is, ask Alexa to do it for you.
  • Controls your smart home applications, answers to your questions, tells you the news and happenings around you with the help of Amazon Alexa.
  • Call and leave messages to anyone who also has an Echo spot at their homes, connect to them in a matter of few seconds, hands-free.

– Specifications :

  • Designed to fit anywhere in your room.
  • Hands-free
  • Has built-in speakers
  • Connects to Bluetooth, easily.
  • Controls your other smart home devices with the help of Amazon Alexa
  • Connects to a 3.5mm stereo cable.
  • Comes in the choice of black and white color.
  • AMAZON ALEXA SALE:Buy 2 and save £40
  • Helps in securing your house by locking the doors and monitoring the activities.
  • Connects to all the Echo devices at your house.
  • From Pizza hut to Starbucks, all your favorite food items are just an order away from you and make it quick and struggle free with the help of Amazon Alexa and the Amazon Alexa deals on its supported products.
  • Running late for a movie? Just Alexa it away and call an uber, hands-free along with getting ready for it. Two works at the same time? THAT’S A STEAL!


Product Price Amazon Alexa Deals
Amazon Echo Show £199.99 Get Discount Code!
  • Amazon Alexa helps you in showing you visual images and broadcasts videos only with the having to ask Alexa to do it for you.
  • Connects to the cameras around your house and secures it.
  • Check music lyrics, make calls, set alarms, listen to music, set reminders, make lists and many more.
  • Now, Alexa also helps you in ordering food, calling uber and making everything accessible to you in the easiest and simplest of forms.
  • Not just audible, it also comes with visual features.
  • Powerful speakers with Dolby processing.
  • Control lights and other smart home devices
  • 8 microphones present.
  • Beam-forming technology.
  • Noise cancellation facility.
  • Comes in 2 colors, black and white.
  • AMAZON ALEXA SALE: Buy 2 and save £100.
  • Amazon Alexa shortens the distance between your loved ones. Call them in a jiffy, all thanks to Amazon Alexa deals!
  • Calling over friends to watch some Amazon Prime videos? Order food right away with the help of Alexa and have all your favorite cuisines in one go.
  • Time for your friends to return? Give them a token of love and call over Ubers in just moments and assure them a safe and quick way back


Other than products owned by Amazon itself, which comes with an in-built virtual assistant that is Amazon Alexa, there are also certain products available in the market which are supported by Amazon Alexa and are compatible with it. You can easily purchase these products on www.amazon.co.uk falling under the Amazon Alexa deals.

  • Free delivery throughout UK.
  • Products easily available on www.amazon.co.uk
  • Products compatible with Amazon Alexa, therefore the functionality becomes much easier and the products can be operated voice modulation.
  • Discounts up to 78% available exclusively on Amazon uk.
  • Comes in a variation of color choices.

– Comparison Of Amazon Alexa to other Home Automation SystemsOther than Amazon Alexa, there are also other home automation systems in the market. Making our jobs easier, they are highly anticipated. Despite the huge competition, Amazon Alexa has not failed in making its mark in the market.Another competent product available in the market is the GOOGLE HOME.ALEXA: Your New Best Friend At this point of time, when everyone is so quickly  moving and determined in completing many tasks in a short period of time, Amazon Alexa is their best friend.
Getting bored? Just ask Alexa to play your favorite song.
Hunger killing you? Ask Alexa to Uber your food right away.
Deprived of knowing what’s happening around you, Alexa is the answer.SET REMINDERS, COMPLETE TASKS, SET ALARMS, Alexa is compatible of almost every virtual activity,Amazon has been successfully bringing new products with built in Alexa and well as products which are compatible with Alexa.

  • Under the Amazon Alexa deals, shop items from Amazon in just a matter of few seconds, hands-free, with the only task of asking Alexa to do it for you.
  • Grab the best of Amazon Alexa deals and Amazon Alexa prices on products, available on www.amazon.co.uk
  • Hands-free shopping, means less time and more accuracy. Add your favorite products in the basket. Get best of the best Amazon Alexa prime deals without any hassles and difficulties.
  • Alexa offers Prime-eligible items so grab the best of Amazon Alexa prime deals, insuring quick delivery and best quality products.
  • Watch Movies on Amazon prime.
  • Control your Amazon prime remote with the help of Alexa.
  • Grab the best of Prime video offers under the Amazon Alexa deals.
  • Free return on items.
  • High rated and top-quality products available under the Amazon Alexa deals.

Advantages Of Amazon Prime Membership :Amazon has been continually and successfully advancing its deals and offers. Amazon Discount Code provides its customers access to the best of products that are easy on the pocket and conveniently available. Amazon Prime membership gives access to a lot more profit, welfare and satisfaction to its users.You get a 30 days free trial period of Amazon prime membership after which, With Amazon Prime Deals, Amazon Prime costs £79 per year or £7.99 per month after the free trial ends.So, what are you thinking about? Go shopping. Alexa it away!

Product Offer  Amazon Promo Code
Philips Hue White Ambience Twin pack GU10 Dimmable LED Smart Spot Light Amazon Alexa price: £44.45

(UPTO 11% OFF)

Get Offer!
Philips Hue White A19 E27 60 W Equivalent Smart Bulb Starter Kit Amazon Alexa price: £54.90


Get Offer!
NETGEAR VMC3030 Arlo Smart Home Add-on HD Security Camera Amazon Alexa price: £79.99

(UPTO 33% OFF)

Get Offer!
NETGEAR RBK50 Orbi Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System Amazon Alexa price: £298.62

(UPTO 25% OFF)

Get Offer!
Logitech Zero Touch Air Vent Amazon Alexa price: £10.99

(UPTO 78% OFF)

Get Offer!


  • Voice is much more clear and loud and natural in nature.
  • Provides a rich sound with much more bass.
  • In terms of streaming of music, it covers services such as Spotify, prime music, amazon music, along with its own audio offerings.
  • Google home is limited to Google Play Music, Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube.
  • In terms of acting as a personal assistant, it covers more functions than google home.
  • Less number of functions can be performed as compared to Alexa.
  • Best for streaming podcasts and music as it caters to a large set of streaming services.
  • Streaming available but limited to a few services only.
  • Omnidirectional speaker therefore covers a large area in terms of scattering sound
  • Sound system is a little subdued.
  • Prices differ within products under the Amazon Alexa deals, ranging from £49 to £200
  • Priced at £129
  • Same day delivery with no minimum order requirement in select cities.
  • Ultra-fast deliveries, wherein deliveries take place in a matter of few hours.
  • Access to a pool of Prime membership exclusive video content including shows and movies
  • Benefit from the huge pool of books available in the amazon books collection, available in the form of hardcover, paperback, or through Amazon kindle.
  • Easy and quick access to the best of best food items from the Amazon pantry.
  • Ad free access to all kinds of music involving different genres such as pop, classical, rock, country etc.
  • Amazon prime also provides certain exclusive perks to students through ‘PRIME STUDENTS

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